Chris Gayle’s Punjabi Bhangda is going viral On Social Media

Chris Gayle's Punjabi Bhangda

Chris Gayle’s Punjabi Bhangda OMG Andre Russell is Also Doing Bhangda

Chris Gayle’s Punjabi Bhangda is going viral On Social Media : For the past several years, Chris Gayle, who played the Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, made Kings XI Punjab a part of his team this year. This season of IPL is just two months away, but it seems Gayle has already painted in Punjabi colors. On social media, Gayle recently shared a video in which he appears to be a bhangra.

This video of Gail is becoming very viral on social media. Andre Russell is also seen with him in the video.

Gayle appears to be talking about any condition in the video which Gayle has won. Gayle says, “This Kolkata Knight Riders player can not beat a Punjabi.” After this he appears to be a Bhangra. Andre Russell also said that he would dance while roaming the fours and sixes in the IPL. It seems that this year, Gayle’s Bhangra Fans will definitely be seen in the IPL.

It is noteworthy that Chris Gayle did not make his team IPL in 2018 by Royal Challenger Bangalore. Gayle did not buy any franchise in the first two rounds of IPL auction this year. In the third round, Kings XI Punjab bought him his base price for two crore rupees. While Gayle’s name is the record of making the fastest T20 century in IPL 2013 and record of most sixes, yet no team has shown interest in it at the beginning.

On the day the Gayle got auctioned by Kings XI Punjab, on the same day, he had also shared L-photo with a turban on Twitter and conveyed his fancy that he is now completely painted in Punjabi color. In such a way, sharing this video is another example of this.


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