IPL Live 2019: Speculation starts, this time the tournament will be held outside the country


IPL Live 2019

This time the IPL tournament will be held in the country or outside the country. Speculation about this has accelerated. This time, when the IPL tournament is to be held, then the Lok Sabha elections in the country will also be held.

The eight franchises of the IPL are busy preparing for the 12th session of the tournament. But it is not clear now that this time the tournament will be held in the country or outside the country. In which days this league of T20 cricket is played, this time Lok Sabha elections will be held in the country. In such a situation, the BCCI is seriously considering that this time the tournament will be organized in the country or it will have to be organized in another country. 

However, nothing has been said on this issue so far. But a delegation of BCCI officials have teamed up with the officials of the Sports Ministry to have a meeting in this regard. In this meeting, board officials have told the government that he is now considering to hold this tournament out. Even before this, during the Lok Sabha elections, this tournament has been held outside the country twice – in 2009 (South Africa) and 2014 (some parts were held in the UAE and in some countries). 

It has come to the notice of the 12th session of the IPL that after the direction of BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, the board’s delegation discussed the matter with the officials of the ministry. Officials have discussed this with the ministry that if they conduct this tournament outside the country then what are the guidelines of the government? The Indian Cricket Board is organizing this T20 league since 2008 and is well aware of government formalities. 

A source familiar with this whole discussion told our team of Times of India, “We have made them clear that if the tournament is held out, the role of the Home Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs will be important in this case. Apart from these, there is a roll of the Sports Ministry, when this tournament was being organized in the country. In spite of this, they (BCCI delegation) wanted the approval of the paper process and the Sports Ministry (if necessary). 

Earlier, Johari had given the statement that the board is considering to implement the 12th session of the IPL in the country. Because its official broadcaster and all 8 franchises are against this idea that the tournament will be held outside the country. This leads to the loss of the logistics and more damage to the rayoneste. But because of the elections, if the government pulled out from the security of the tournament, 

Apart from the elections, this time the board has to take care that after this league, Team India has to take part in the World Cup. The World Cup will be held in England from 30th May to 14th July. The IPL usually starts in the first week of April and reaches the final till the last week of May. But after the recommendation of the Lodha Committee this time this can not happen at all. According to the recommendation of the Lodha Committee, it is necessary to maintain a gap of 15 days between the IPL and any other international tournament. Some reports are pointing out that the Board is considering three places on organizing this league abroad. Here are: South Africa, UAE and England 


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